“a square metre of blue is more blue than a square centimetre of the same blue”  Henry Matisse

“Could it be that red is ne colour  that  is continually asking for a body?”  John Berger

“Blue is sad,blue is memory and nostalgia, but blue is also impuldence. And this is what I love about the colour. Blue is prize. no public one. Intimate prize. Blue says: outrageusly and absurdly: I am yours and you are mine! And no colour can judge us.No simple colour can judge  jewel. There´s  an impromptu by Shubert which talks of this. And Charles Parker became Bird because he knew about blue”  ( john Berger)

“In Moscow Kandinsky asked: which colour is similar to:

-the singing  of canary

-the whistle of the wind


– a storm

and through colour can you:

-express feelings about science and life?

and also: – is yellow round or square? ”

” the thing about green – is that it´s temporary colour,not in technical sense that is fugitive, but in methaphysical sense that it´s a visitor. It´s liquid, undulating, mobile, pushy.” ( jonh Berger)